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"We are Mancub" Zine

Image of "We are Mancub" Zine


Volume 1: Originally created for the 2nd Mancub Memorial Show. Comprised of lyrics and meanings to Mancub songs as written by Ben Hutson, various articles about Mancub, and other places where Mancub has popped up over the past 2 years!

Volume 2: Originally created for the 3rd Mancub Memorial Show. Filled with memories, art, and activities! Mancub madlib and crossword included!

Volume 3: Originally created for the 4th Mancub Memorial Show. A collection of tabs for Mancub songs as well as a few write ups by lovely people.

Volume 4: A recap of all of the shows and projects that have happened to celebrate Mancub. Also, a personal account by me, Corey C, and my journey with the Mancub community over the past four years.

(Picture: (From left to right) Volume 1, 2, 3, % 4)